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Handcrafted custom jewelry and one of kind. Introducing the **Serenity Viking Cross Necklace**: This handcrafted piece combines matte grey jasper stone with volcanic rock, accented by silver-toned hematite disc separators, all delicately threaded on metallic wire with a barrel clasp. The necklace is adorned with a distinctive and high-quality Viking cross pendant, perfectly complementing the stone.

Jasper, traditionally used to evoke serenity and unity, infuses the necklace with a calming energy. The weighty and finely crafted Viking cross adds a unique touch, symbolizing strength and heritage. Wear this necklace as a symbol of tranquility and resilience, honoring tradition while embracing individuality.

Serenity Viking Cross Necklace !

  • Avoid wetting and prolonged humidity, long exposure to sunlight, adding perfume or any another product directly. Storage in provided bag.

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