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Handcrafted custom jewelry, one of kind. This unique double necklace intertwines two exquisite strands, the first featuring a blend of agate stone, faux pearls, and tan-colored crystals, exuding a serene and earthy charm. The second strand boasts brown agate stones, varying in nugget and ball shapes, elegantly interspersed with freshwater pearls and tan-hued crystals, intricately looped together. The crowning glory is a circular brown agate stone pendant, adding a touch of sophistication and allure.

Versatile in design, this dual necklace can be worn as a single statement piece or elegantly doubled for a distinctive look. Its beauty lies in the harmonious combination of earth-inspired tones, the refined elegance of pearls and crystals, and the captivating appeal of agate stones, offering a stunning ensemble that embodies both formality and elegance.

Earthly Elegance: Dual Agate Harmony Necklace !

  • Avoid wetting and prolonged humidity, long exposure to sunlight, adding perfume or any another product directly. Storage in provided bag.

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