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Handcrafted jewelry, Adorn yourself with the exquisite "Azure Tranquility" necklace, a masterpiece of nature's elegance. This striking piece features a captivating intense lake blue agate stone, reminiscent of serene waters, harmonizing effortlessly with a delicate shell that whispers of coastal charm. The interplay between the agate's deep hues and the freshwater pearls' luminescent glow creates a mesmerizing contrast, while the large agate pendant, adorned with intricate gold detailing, adds a touch of opulence. With its elongated design, this necklace exudes both sophistication and grace, making it the embodiment of timeless elegance.

Azure Serenity Elegance necklace .

  • Avoid wetting and prolonged humidity, long exposure to sunlight , adding perfume or any another product directly. Storage in provided bag.

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